Business Activities

Core Drilling Services

As one of its missions, TPIC aims to contribute to the determination of the mineral reserves and a mine map of Turkey. Within the framework of an agreement signed between TPIC and MTA (General Directorate of Mineral Research) on 12 October 2017,  TPIC began its core drilling activities in metal mining and coal mining areas across Turkey, with a 1,000,000 (one million) meters target per year.  Drilling operations continue in Afyon/ Evciler, Tekirdağ/ Malkara, Aydın/ Karacasu, İstanbul /Silivri, Kastamonu/ Taşköprü, Kastamonu/Zeyrek, Malatya/Kuluncak, Malatya/Pütürge, Erzurum/İspir sites.




Within the scope of the project, 161 hydraulic drilling rigs will be used and 1620 personnel are planned to be employed by the end of 2018.




TPIC aims at fulfilling its objectives by adhering to the values of productivity, quality, operational responsibility and occupational safety in the national and international mining sector.