Business Activities

Oil and Gas Trading

TPIC continues its role as one of the important players in the region and in the international market with the trading activities of crude oil and oil products that have been conducted since its establishment. TPIC continuously increases its trade volume and influence area with its strong logistics network and operational capability. 

TPIC who has realized more than 10 million tons of crude oil and oil products trading in various regions so far, continues to increase its effectiveness in crude oil and oil products trading in the new regions entering into its portfolio. Its operations in the crude oil and oil products trading continue in a wide geographical area from Latin America to Africa, Middle East to Asia Pasific. Besides that, TPIC completed so far oil product trading of more than 5 million tons including diesel, fuel oil, naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline and LPG. 

TPIC, having the advantage of being subsidiary of BOTAŞ, continues to adopt new  storage capacities in the Ceyhan-Iskenderun line which is a key exit point of the Middle East petroleum and Central Asia energy sources to the world. 

TPIC has an important advantage in both national sales and international petroleum trade with effective use of pipelines, seaway, highway and railways as well as these supply centres in the important points of Turkey.