From the establishment year of 1988, we become a company operating in international fields. Energy, capabilities and self devotion of our employees lie of course at the back of that achievement.

Working for TPIC means to participate in the field of energy actively, which is the most important field of the world. Our employees avail not only from the benefits of working in international field but also the outstanding benefits offered wonderful working atmosphere in our head office in Ankara.

Our employees are catching the opportunities from a new energy market and developing their creative ideas. They utilize the experiences they have on fields of know-how, operation and finance based on long years working in energy sector particularly through the special cooperation with other organisations. International diversity creates powerful groups.

Meaning of diversity for us is to be respectful to their individuality and to courage them. Hence, the values such a gender, age, ethnical origins, religion etc. of our team members are perceived as the incomparable richness.

We expect from our employees to ideally canalize their personalities and powers for the achievements of our company, and we do encourage these values.