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MTA and TPIC Signed Cooperation Agreement Within the Scope of National Energy Policy.

The "National Energy and Mining Policy", which is set forth by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on the basis of strong economy and national security, is a strategy to be followed by our country in the regional and global energy market in the forthcoming years. Security of supply, indigenization, foreseeable market, etc. are prominent subjects of this policy. Existing and under construction pipelines, strategies aimed at ensuring supply security such as LNG investments and storage facilities, investments in renewable energy, endeavours towards economizing nuclear power plants, localization of mining technologies and use of local equipment and labor are among the main objectives of the National Energy and Mining Policy.

Berat ALBAYRAK, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, expresses that the security of supply is the most open area to be developed. This strategy has been initiated as a new process for all mines. In this context, the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration aims to drill 2 million meters of mine until 2018. Within the scope of the National Energy and Mining Policy, TPIC, which has 29 years of experience in oilfield services, has been assigned an important task which is to carry out the drilling activities of MTA with an increased business volume. In this regard, on October 12, 2017, TPIC and MTA signed a 5-year "Core Boring/Drill" agreement. Under the agreement, TPIC will drill at least 1 million meters per year. Cengiz ERDEM, General Manager on behalf of MTA, and Ahmet TÜRKOGLU, General Manager on behalf of TPIC, signed the agreement.