Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

Our human resources management strategy is to adopt a human resources management approach that conforms to our vision and mission and to international standards in order to ensure motivation and loyalty in our employees, select and place the right person for the right job to increase productivity, provide training for improvement and labour health, encourage success and loyalties, ensure continuity of peaceful working environment through correct and effective communication, set reliable, ethical, eco-friendly and innovative targets and work to achieve these, create value, have a profile that is open for cooperation and is participating and become an exemplary company that can rapidly adapt to changing conditions and is an attractive centre for employees.

Selection and Hiring

The personnel needs of our company as a result of human resources planning are evaluated by the relevant persons. Required positions are announced via our website. Candidates who are suitable for our job descriptions and corporate culture are subjected to a preliminary interview and measured on the basis of competency. The process of getting used to the job and integration with the institution is applied to our newly accepted employee.

Our Perspective on Our Employees

We are aware that our self-sacrificing employees are the reasons for us being a company that has made a name for itself successfully in the international arena since 1988. The individual career plans of our qualified workforce are supported by our organization's career development tools. We aim to create a positive working climate by reconciling our individual goals and company goals. We see cultural differences as our wealth and take advantage of this situation to create an additional strength (synergy). Respecting the individuality of our employees and not allowing practices that may cause discrimination are among the most important aspects that make us who we are.

By joining forces with all our employees in our organization, we are walking confidently towards our goals in realizing our strategic goals.