Health, Safety and Environment

TPIC aims to create a healthy and safe working environment in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, and to reach world standards in this field.

In this framework, it is aimed to ensure the health and safety of all personnel working in the field in order to fulfill the necessary administrative and physical conditions, and the complete supply and implementation of personal protective equipment and safety equipment, which are a priority in meeting many standards from work motivation to institutionalism. These practices are planned to include local personnel and to meet the needs of all employees with personnel turnover.

However, believing that the most effective security measure is to be conscious and educated, TPIC attaches importance to organizing the theoretical and practical trainings it carries out in this direction in coordination with the Human Resources and Support Services Directorate, without making any distinction between personnel and units, and TPIC  is plannig aimed to ensure that the same sensitivities are progressing at a sustainable and continuously improving level every year.

Purchasing of consumables for using in environmental accidents and routine activities and licensing of Hazardous Waste Temporary Storage Areas by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanisation are carried out.

During the pandemic, the necessary planning and activities and the timing of the reflexes  were implemented; the spread was controlled by direct intervention in possible cases, equal opportunities were provided to all disciplines both in terms of awareness and actual measures, and accordingly TPIC was awarded TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate in the continuation of the process.

Employees are encouraged to participate in the system, along with the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, the effective performance of audits, and the increase of personnel awareness.