Zero Waste

“Zero Waste” is a goal defined as waste management philosophy that involves preventing the waste, using the resources more efficient, reviewing the reasons for waste formation, preventing or minimizing waste formation, and collecting and recovering waste at source separately.                             

Zero Waste Application:

  • Cutting more than 273 trees was prevented.
  • Consumption of more than 157 barrels of oil have been avoided.
  • Greenhouse gas emission of over 3 tons have been prevented.
  • Over 121.307 Kwh energy saved which means monthly energy consumption of 579 households
  • More than 350 M³ water was saved.

These figures show achievements attained due to the wastes sent by TPIC for recycling within the scope of Zero Waste Project. We continue our efforts at full steam in order to take these figures to a higher level each passing day.

Our institution was audited by the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, After the audit it was entitled to receiving the Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate on 20.02.2020