Core Drilling Services


TPIC has started its core drilling activities throughout Turkey to explore and extend the industrial raw materials, rare earth elements, coal and metallic mining sites after the agreement signed with the General Directorate Of Mineral Exploration And Research on 12 November 2017. The agreement targeted achieving 5.000.000 million meters of drilling job in 5 years.

By end of 2020, Mine Drilling Directorate, with its expertise in core drilling and field services, has been a pioneering company of core drilling sector and a project partner to major institutions such as; General Directorate Of Mineral Exploration And Research, Eti Maden Operations General Directorate, Türkiye Coal Operations, Türkiye Wealth Fund.

Our drilling works;

Within the scope of General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) Drilling Field Services; Konya Sızma, Elazığ Palu, Sivas, Bayburt Kop and Gümüşhane Zigana projects are continuing.

Within the scope of Turkish Mining Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company (Türkiye Maden A.Ş.) Drilling Field Services; Balıkesir İvrindi, Kastamonu Taşköprü and Sivas Divriği projects are continuing.

As of September 2023, MTA with 12 machines and 165 personnel, Türkiye Maden A.Ş. with 11 machines and 150 personnel. A total of 142,593 meters of core drilling was carried out in the projects.


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