Oil and Geothermal OilField Services

OilField Services

Drilling, Log Service, WCS, Atelier and Inspection Services

Rig Services:

  • Oil and Geothermal Rig Services
    Well Completion Rig Services


Drilling, WCS and Log Services

Drilling Services:

  • Liner Hanger
    Hole Enlargement
    Directional Drilling
    Tubular Running
    BOP and Well Head

Well Completion Services:

  • Workover services
    Cementing Services
    Acidifying Services
    DST Services
  • LOG Services

Tie Rod Evaluation and Recovery:

  • Free Point Service
    Back-Off Service
    Tubing, Casing and Drill Pipe Jet Cutters
    Junk Shots
    Drill Collar Severing Tool

Mechanical Services:

  • Bridge Plug & Packer Setting
    Pressure Control Equipment Toolpusher system for logging in horizontal wells
    Offshore Skid Unit

Atelier Services:

Servicing and testing procedures are performed in our ateliers in accordance with international standards for the equipment used in drilling and well completion services. All equipment for which maintenance is provided in accordance with DS-1 and TSE calibration criteria are certified.

Inspection Services:

Inspection service is provided by expert staff, calibrated and certified equipment according to DS- 1 criteria in demanded categories.